Generation Y

Calling Generation Y to the countdown...whether personal, professional, or global in nature, Votey2020 is a movement inspired by a young American who is committed to enabling and empowering the Y Generation to reach their own personal countdowns to greatness! Whether an academics, athletes, or ice cream men and women...this is the beginning of your own personal countdown! Tell us about it and join the revolution to promote civic virtue, global citizenship, and personal depth!bat removal.

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Demetri Patitsas

He is a social entrepreneur, public servant, and teacher.

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Next Steps for Patitsas...

Patitsas hopes to:

  1. Run a 6 minute mile
  2. Lift 300 lbs 3 times
  3. Learn Mandurin and Arabic
  4. Perfect his Greek and Spanish
  5. Complete his PH.D.
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Your Main Message

Patitsas is calling all of "Generation Y" to the countdown of their own personal journeys toward civic duty and public service.


Support Patitsas

Please contact Demetri Patitsas by email at